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Listing ID Category   Title Location
300774 Lost: DogsTerrier sized black and white dogManteca, California. 95337 
293901 Lost: CatsSmall catManteca, California. 95336 
289360 Lost: DogsSmall Mini DachshundManteca, California. 95336 
288113 Found: Animals / PetsMiniature pincherManteca, California. 95336 
286327 Found: DogsLarge female german shepherdManteca, California. 95337 
286295 Found: DogsLarge german shepherdManteca, California. 95336 
285521 Lost: DogsSmai Chihuahua Tan/white feet and chest is white body is tan 10 months old, on Norman dr Manteca Manteca, California. 95336 
283335 Lost: DogsShih TzuManteca, California. 95336 
274473 Found: Animals / PetsCairn TerrierManteca, California. 95336 
269536 Lost: DogsLost Border Collie - GracieManteca, California. 95336 
267903 Lost: DogsChocolate Brown and WhiteManteca, California. 95336 
261675 Lost: CatsBlack and white tummie, CATManteca, California. 95337 
259987 Lost: DogsLost yorkie with serious medical conditionsManteca, California. 95337 
259314 Lost: DogsYoung chocolate brown with whiteManteca, California. 95336 
247204 Found: Radio ControlledRADIO CONTROLLED HELICOPTERManteca, California. 95337 
246669 Lost: DogsTan female chihuahua Manteca, California. 95336 
144483 Lost: DogsDojaManteca, California. 95330 
134793 Found: CatsSiamese/Tabby FemaleManteca, California. 95336 
129501 Lost: DogsBrown chihuahua 209-603-3303Manteca, California. 95337 
128828 Found: DogsMale golden retrieverManteca, California. 95336 
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